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Egypt Solidarity
Egyt Solidarity 2011
Along with the rest of the world I was captivated by the Egyptian revolution throughout the winter of 2011. Many artists around the world were compelled to create works in solidarity with the Egyptian people's peaceful push toward democracy.
Egypt Solidarity Poster
I designed this poster and made it free for download so that it could be printed on four 8.5" x 11" pieces of paper.
Agit-Egypt Logo
At the time of this project I had a website called agitproject (agitational propaganda project), featuring apparel with my designs. I offer a t-shirt as part of the Egypt Solidarity campaign and I created this logo to tie the two concepts together.
Egypt Solidarity sub-page
After sourcing a couple on-demand printing services I created this page to act as a hub to link to free downloads and to purchase shirts and buttons.
Egypt Solidarity iPhone Wallpaper
One of the free downloads from this open source design campaign.
Protest Posters
On the morning of February 4th I heard from an Egyptian friend that a rally was to take place in Manhattan. I quickly ran out to by paper and spray paint. I created a stencil and made as many posters as I could (about 40) and went down to the demonstration and handed them out, along with stickers printed at home.
Egypt Solidarity Shirts
Some of the shirts I created for agitproject.
Do-It-Yourself Stickers
Another free download.
May 2011. Germany.
Egypt Project catches Germany's Eye!
Some of my (and others) work caught the eye of Germany's PAGE Magazine.
In case you don't speak German, here's a translation.
PAGE Magazine Issue 5/2011
All for Africa.
Solidarity campaign. Isaiah King, a resident of New York city, acted spontaneously. A designer by profession, he was not content to be a mere observer of the Egyptian revolution - he wanted to become politically involved and act. Together with fellow designer Marianne Schoucair he came up with a logo and a website as well as a mobile application. Isaiah and Marianne also printed T-shirts and created buttons with their designs.

Isaiah King attended Egyptian demonstrations and events in New York where he distributed his leaflets and stickers. Others joined him. Designers around the world have expressed their solidarity with the revolution - they have created posters, illustrations and photographs calling out for political protest. Their primary concern has been to draw attention to the politically restive regions in North Africa. Some posters, like the linocut graphic prints by American artist Michael Thompson, were even adopted by the revolutionary movements in North Africa for their demonstrations. They turned to Thompson, asking him to produce more posters. We are seeing the features of a global design protest.
Egypt Solidarity

Egypt Solidarity

I created a design in 2011 to express my solidarity with the Egyptian people's struggle for democracy, dignity & justice. The design could be use Read More