Call of Tāne | an app that tells stories about the bush

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  • Call of Tāne is an appilcation that tells you stories about New Zealand forest when you are walking on a bush track from the perspective of Tāne, the Maori god of forestry and birds.  The stories can only be progressed when you physically engage with your natural environment and exploring new territories on the bush trials. 
    You don't have to go to tracks far away in the moutains, you just need to get out of your office, find a bush track nearby, and start walking!
    To visit project development blog:
    Call of Tāne is a mobile application made with Flash Builder, actionscript and Starling.
  • The brief was to promote "conservation in the city", and we approached this by encouraging urban dwellers to get on short bush walks and interact with nature. 
    A few core concepts behind the application are
    1. to engage people with the art form of story telling-- inspired by the Maori tradition of passing on knowledge, history and cultural heritage from one generation on to another through telling stories.
    2. to allow New Zealanders to discover spiritual and cultural treasure while they are physically interacting with their natural environment
  • Icons and UI design
    The hand-crafted style is sets Call of Tāne apart from most tramping apps. It is supposed to reflects the theme of forest and Maori culture, as well as enhance this experience of story telling.
  • Different screens and basic navigation through the app.