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DISE 3711 - The Butler collection: Charles

The Butler Collection
Nicolás Pinzón & Laura Correa

Design and emotions​​​​​​​
Professor: Santiago De Francisco Vela
2020- 1
Charles is an office chair, part of The Butler Collection, designed to transform the moments of frustrated inspiration environments.

It offers a stylish and smart solution to the increasing need for concentration in work spaces.
By analyzing your vital signs, Charles is able to set the perfect atmosphere for you to be able to relax and focus on what matters to you the most.

It utilizes a range of sensors to collect information about your feelings and your mood to work in conjunction with your other smart gadgets.​​​​​​​
To be able to handle all that data, the system needs power. Therefore, we have created a charging floor mat for it to wirelessly receive energy.
DISE 3711 - The Butler collection: Charles