Mike [2.0]11
A website I designed to track my goals in 2011.
We all have goals. Or at least we should. And with every new year comes new resolutions, milestones, and levels of awesomeness we want to achieve. As 2011 became reality, I was thinking just like millions of other people: what do I want to achieve in 2011?

I had a lot of goals to accomplish in 2010, but unfortunately could not finish them all. No worries! That’s what a new year is for! As I was documenting all my goals for this year, I came up with an interesting idea: since I am trying to become a web designer and an overall master of life, why don’t I create a website to track my goals?

I also wanted to stretch my baby web design skills and try to build a horizontally-scrolling website with a little Javascript thrown in. The website is still rough, but it's ready enough to show!
Snapshot of the home page (or first screen of the site).
Snapshot of my Graphic Design goals.
Snapshot of my Entertainment goals.
Snapshot of my Personal goals.
Snapshot of my Mobile Development goals.