Currency of Happiness Wordpress Design
A custom theme I designed for my Wordpress blog
In May, I started a Wordpress blog named "Currency of Happiness." Every Sunday, I write a blog post about my life or a particular subject I am focused on. Since I am trying to become a web designer, I thought it might be a good idea to design a theme for this site. I created the design in late July, and after a couple months of transitioning from college life to life in Chicago, I successfully coded the design.
The website header. This is the first element of theme that I designed, and the rest of the site design flowed from this logo/header design.
A blog excerpt design for the front page of the blog. I wanted to be able to post multiple blog posts on the front page, but still have a design element that flowed with the site.
Snapshot of a single full post on the blog. Simple design, blue hyperlinks and an orange rollover effect.
Right sidebar design. Contains links to blog of the friends/partners in a startup I am a part of, a search bar, and a gateway to my archived posts.