Naranja Producciones (Orange Productions)
Naranja Producciones is born as an audiovisual fictional company between four friends, who got together to create amateur short movies.
Each of the shorts we created had a specific aesthetic that went by hand with the plot.
Here are the promotional posters and visual keys for three of our movies.

The team that made this possible:
Aitor Diéguez,  Lourdes Sánchez,  Cintia Aliseda and me :)

The Suitcase 
About a mysterious suitcase and a clandestine meeting, this short movie aesthetic is highly inspired by Tarantino
movies and spaghetti western films.
The Enigma
A mystery, a secret... This short movie follows a detective in his way to crack the enigma.
Red, contrast, madness and frustration are the keys that create the atmosphere of the movie.

When Luis moved to his new apartment he didn't know he had a flatmate.
Contrast between colours and a spooky atmosphere create the visuals keys for this comedy.

Naranja Producciones - GRAPHIC/AUDIOVISUAL