Under Pressure
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An infographic visualization of my last week of undergraduate school
Under Pressure
The last week of my undergraduate career
Under Pressure is an infographic visualization of my last week of my undergraduate career. The format of the book is a small notepad, similar size to the one I used to take notes and keep track of what I was doing. The information is broken down in to nine categories tracked over in five minute blocks, and divided by AM and PM. The graphs are read similar to a clock from 1AM to 12PM or 12 PM to 1AM, clockwise. Miscellaneous activities such as eating or bathing are white, thus creating various interesting positive/negative shapes.

The end of the book interprets and summarizes the complex data into concise statements that show unique insights into my crazed work ethic.

A poster was also made for more direct comparison between the days, hours, and minutes of the week.