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    A selection of logos I have made through out the years. All logos are displayed in one color.
A selection of logos I have made through out the years.
I hope you enjoy it!...
DT PRODUCTION Logo. Advertising and display sollutions company.
Copyright DT Production 20©13
Informedia Logo. Signmaker company.
Copyright Informedia 20©13
Kirkejordet Borettslag Logo. Housing co-ownership.
Copyright Kirkejordet Borettslag 20©13
Miljøskilt Logo. Sub Brand - Specialty wood signs.
Copyright Informedia 20©13
Gismo Logo. Server and domain sollutions company.
Copyright DT Production 20©13
Elvebredden Mestringsklinikk Logo. Alternativ Medical Clinic.
Copyright Elvebredden Mestringsklinikk 20©13
KraftMonitor Logo. Software/Website hydropower monitor sollution.
Copyright Provendo AS 20©13
Relekta Gruppen AS Logo. Group of three subsidiaries.
Copyright Relekta Gruppen AS 20©13
Barbara MC Logo. Motorcycle Club.
Copyright Barbara MC 20©13
Skin FX Tattoo Logo. Tattoo Studio.
Copyright Skin FX Tattoo 20©13
RTWRK Logo. Concept (Abbreviation for Artwork).
Copyright 211178 20©13
TB Marketing Logo. Marketing Company.
Copyright TB Marketing 20©13
Porselen Brygge Logo. Housing co-ownership.
Copyright PBBL 20©13
Likvidene Logo. Student organization.
Copyright HiØ 20©13
Pictogram. Concept.
Copyright 211178 20©13
Envira Logo. Environmental Concept brand.
Copyright 211178 20©13
Rådhuset Logo. Sub Brand - Information Systems company.
Copyright Rådhuset Informasjonssystemer 20©13