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    "Solyaris" is decorative, all-caps typeface with various alternates and gimmicks for special occasions.

A decorative typeface

When I started working on the typeface as a side project in 2012, I knew I wanted to create a neo-classical look, refined and with a touch of avant garde. The mix between expressive and classical form was the most challenging as I didn't want to create just another fashionable display font, but something with an edge making it both easy and hard to use at the same time. Depending on how you scale certain letters the strength of the strokes can vary. I also added certain alternates to achieve a better overall balance between thin and thick strokes depending on the combination of letters. Apart from the alternates "Solyaris" includes some extra elements making the typeface more flexible and unique in it's ways of usability.

A typeface for special occasions, making the distinct use of it more rewarding.

© 2012-2014 C.Ruprecht

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© 2012-2014