Truth — The National Truth

Truth AF — An ongoing series of typographic animated “one-word poems”,
created by a growing number of artists set to visualize all the unreliable noise around us. 


The world sits on pause today in front of one of its most defying intersections towards the future. The current global threats have placed prospects for a growing global co-operation, but so do the opposed nationalist and populist governance visions.

As we move forward we will see if the present international challenges confront and divide us further throughout borders and stronger nationalism sentiments, or if these common adversities shift the views towards global unity. Are narrow nationalist responses to world issues just a short term fix? That will keep tensing into international confrontation, that will ultimately loom nuclear warfare threats?

And in the case that we opt for other solutions, is there a possible international governance order that can provide global equality and guarantee individual freedom? or are those terms oxymorons when applied at a planetary scale?

Will we ever be able to see what unites us over what divides us?
Will we ever perceive the ideal nation as obsolete?

To accompany the visual metaphor of the piece, Antfood created a buzzing of stretched-out choir, speaking to the disquiet.

Concept & Typography: Alex Trochut
Sound: Antfood
Design & Direction: Ars Thanea

Executive Creative Director: Piotr Jaworowski
Director: Bartłomiej Kalinowski
Art Director: Maciej Mizer
Production Coordinator: Katarzyna Pawłowska
3D Lead: Bartek Kalinowski
3D Artist: Bartłomiej Kalinowski, Paweł Filip, Mateusz Bargiel, Sebastian Marek
Compositing: Łukasz Stolarski
Color Correction: Maciej Mizer
Houdini Support: Mesrop Hovhannisyan

Truth — The National Truth