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    To create any brand from scratch and a produce a series of packaging to complement your brand.
The objective is to create a brand that allows the forgetful (or those with a poor memory) to take their first step towards living a normal life. The identity I am hoping to achieve is that of a blunt, yet classy voice and a somewhat-dry-kinda-slapstick humor. Since I want to appeal to both sexes, I chose to keep the style of the stationary rather simple and direct. 
The target audience is for anyone with a sense of humor and doesn't mind making fun of themselves, however, it is predominantly geared towards people from ages 15-26. 
I was inspired a lot by Urban Outfitter apartment products, the blunt and risqué humor in UNIF, as well as the overall clean, modern aesthetic of Hypebeast.
*All products were created from scratch and assembled by hand.
Brand Products Include: 
1 Timekeeping Doohikey (timer), 2 Crap Books (notebooks), 1 package of Mental Notes (sticky notes),
2 Booty-Saver Pads (mini notepads), 1 Weekly Planner, 1 Amnesiac Booklet (multi-use booklet)and
1 Anti-Goldfish Journal
Ideally, these products would be sold in Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Solestruck, and Hypebeast.