Tembe Studios
Intro : This classroom project aims at designing a Visual Brand Identity for Tembe studios so as to ensure that it is first and foremost an ‘Indian design studio’ based in India that aims at providing Communication Design solutions to modern India. The client required a Symbol and a Logotype that would reflect Ethnic, Modern and Efficienct.

Study and Analysis :  The ‘Devanagri’ script and khaki brown colour with a contrasting black helps create a typical Indian sophesticated atmosphere. The symbol incorporates a hidden number '7' which is the lucky number of the creative director. The round element is derived from the mood board.
    Mood board
   DIN is a modern sans serif font. Its lines and cuts make it look very interesting and attractive. It is very
   legible and has a very professional appearance that adds sophistication to the identity.
   Surekh is a 'Devanagri' script, it is a well consrtuct font and gives the feel of Indianness.