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Made For Our Strategic Partner:
Idea Hue agency Specialized in food marketing, menu designs, food photography & food packaging.

Client: Zdar Food & Market
Service: Rebranding - Logo & Visual Identity 
Location: Richardson, Texas - USA.
Owner: Idea Hue Agency 
Concept & Visual System Design: Yazan Altekrawi
Art Direction: Yazan Altekrawi
Designers: Majd Almohtade & Sevda Kamhya & Majd Sweed​​​​​​​

Zdar Food & Market
is a piece of the Middle-East in the Richardson community and has been recognized for its outstanding Mediterranean cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff. 
The Mark’s structure is mainly driven from the company’s initial. “Zdar” in Arabic means a home/house, so a house icon was used with a chef’s hat and dining tool. However, we did not forget that Zdar also sells products online, so we included a chain in the logo mark to represent that. We went simple with the use of a modern method of design, yet with concepts that reflect the company's ideas and values. Trying to meet Zdar’s clients’ liking.  Zdar is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. In our rebranding, we focused on a fundamental point that the old identity did not represent well. The most difficult challenge we faced was when we were trying to find a design that helped Zdar sell its products to new customers in America. We needed a modern visual identity that the non-Arabs in the American surroundings may accept and recognize easily, the way it’s done with any other restaurant in the same region. Yet we had to keep an oriental sense with a little bit of elegance. So the following design system was developed to solve that challenge and to build a unique identity for Zdar.   

Zdar Food - Brand Identity