Gear Face
The Industrial Revelation
    In 1873, lead engineer Lucian Godboldt was working on a revolutionary steam engine that was suppose to run a train at maximum power but with half the steam capacity. Everything was going as planned until one of his colleagues made a minor miscalculation that erupted the entire engine into an explosion. This destruction impaled various sprockets and bolts into Godboldt’s right eye, chest, and left ear rendering him blind in one eye and impared his hearing by seventy percent. Lucian’s face and perceptions were permanently mangled.

    Later throughout his life, Godboldt worked at his personal studio not making trains but music. He had developed a new type of sound that included symphonic melodies incorporated with his extensive knowledge of machinery to create rhythmic beats. During his live performances, he would wear a brass helmet not only as a gimmick, but to hide his scars, too.