Here is a project that became the highlight of 2008 for me. Matt Briggs made a film about climate change, what it's doing and what we can do to help make things better. I highly reccommend watching this film. My role was in the making of the poster to promote the film and to create the final scene of "The Krill is Gone" which is a short film within the documentary.
Here is the poster I created under the direction of Chel White and with Matt Briggs providing milestone feedback. This image became the web graphic for the the website promoting the film.  #Wacom #Cintiq
Here is a flat version of the scene I painted for "The Krill is Gone" under the Art Direction of Jeffrey Bost. Drawing on elements of Cubism and German Expressionism Jeffrey wanted an image both beautiful and terrible. It was painted on uncounted layers and delivered to Roland Gauthier for compositing and motion. #ArtRage #Wacom #Cintiq
Here is a video of the end scene in motion.