ISDI, from its birth until today, has built a unique value proposition in the world of digital education through its complete ecosystem. It has recently expanded its business globally including Mexico and the USA. Yet, due to the rapid growth and expansion, the current branding of ISDI does not meet the communication needs that this growth implies. 

We were commissioned to redesign ISDI's most iconic master brochure as a starting point of a new visual language.

To understand ISDI, we conducted face to face interviews with several stakeholders, focusing on qualitative analysis. We interviewed key employees who have good knowledge of ISDI’s history, brand, and business. We also talked with a current student as well as an ex-alumni to understand the current brand experience of ISDI. We collected insights.

We also conducted a workshop to identify the existing attributes of ISDI, which became fundamentals to construct brand values and territories. 

Under the vision of ISDI, we reframed its brand purpose and defined the brand values to create a clear design guideline, generating an organic and flexible visual language inspired by the digital universe.

Design & Art Direction
Gio Pandone
Paco Fernández

Brand Strategy
Knu Kim

For the acronyms of the master we choose a mono-spaced typeface, positioning the letters vertically, clinging to the bottom left margin as a pillar. This symbolizes the solidity of ISDI´s educational offers and plays the role of a positioning element.

In the bottom right area, overlapped organic shapes generate a surface of colors, through RGB blending, to represents ISDI and its ecosystem. It's a unique element created by various dynamic components interacting with each other. These forms are generated randomly through code, hence their irregularity helps us to highlight the heterogeneous and fluid nature of ISDI.

The logo in the bottom corner is the generating point of the ecosystem. In the upper part, we concentrate on the extended name of the master and a text that introduces the theme and the year.
Key pages

We designed several key pages of the catalog of MIB to test the new visual language that ISDI will create. The design of these pages is the development of the new language towards the architecture of contents.

We prioritise the usage of black and white as a key identity of ISDI, adding a few color elements when it needs to highlight information. We rely on the organic forms to maintain consistency of the brand.

In the grid, we keep some elements adjusted to the margins —to echo the master's title on the cover— such as headlines or quotes. On the contrary, we provide more space for reading text to provide greater legibility with an inner grid.


We defined two approaches, black and white for static content and color for dynamic content that transmits experiences of alumni in each context.



Reinventing a brand identity of a digital school, ISDI.