Here is a pirate ship I designed for the "Hidden Formula" commercial spot. 
This is a shot near the beginning of the spot. My work here was to clean up the shell, sand and bottle element and provide the compositors with matted layers to work with.
I worked on this transitional element that allows the camera to pull back, as though microscopically, through the fabric of a grandmother's purse.
In this scene I painted the beach on the far side of the caldera and painted in plant growth on the face of the volcano.
I was responsible for the texture of this giant two headed suricatta. I painted diffuse color, bump and specular channel textures and the TD applied hair and fur simulations.
I painted elements and trimmed photographic source to create much of the jungle and plant growth on the island.
I performed many photo enhancements, retouches and created visual elements for this Coke commercial. I often participate in the working pipline of creative flow in two to four places along its length. Starting with concept art and design, working in CG painting model textures and dealing with UVs, polishing CG renders as well as creating new elements for delivery to compositors, and finally working on polished hi resolution elements for print campaigns related to the full up spot.