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    A short series which involved two dancers involved in a passionate dancing relationship. Behind the Scenes video available.
Everything began in a dance studio, where they pursue what they truly believe in with a brave heart. From austerity to art, from imprisonment to freedom, and doubts to fame, this journey is a beautiful story to tell because they discover the true meaning of passion in their pursuit... 

Passion is the clash of identities between two worlds.
It's the struggle between what they 'ought to do' and what they 'should do'. Faced with tough decisions, they remain true to each other and their love for dancing. It is a choice made in a heartbeat as they believes their dance steps would pave their way towards success. 

Passion is bittersweet.
There’s something bittersweet about the long hours spent practicing together ’till sunrise that makes then think that life has a different purpose. There’s something bittersweet about the glory of successes and the pain of trade-offs. The most memorable moments of their journey is bittersweet.

Passion is devotion and patience.
The things you are most patient in waiting for are the only things worth waiting for. It's when fairytales exchange glances with the real world. It's when that heavy weight finally becomes pleasant light breezes dancing along the air. It's that perfect fit and connection they share. 
Passion is throwing away fame and fortune for love and freedom.
When they dance, it's their moment of freedom. Lovers dancing together, isolated from the world, beautiful. Their dance is an expression of love that defies boundaries. 

Their journey on the dance floor was vivid and heart-touching. It's the dance floor where their paths converged. It's the dance floor where the true meaning of their passion is created.

That is their dance floor. 


Photographer: Benjamin Von Wong - www.vonwong.com 
Videographer: Eva Jinn Productions - www.eva.vonwong.com

Alexandra Viau - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509307313
Michael Demski - http://www.modelmayhem.com/1495877
Anick Morel - www.facebook.com/anickmorelphotographe
Holy Decay
Linda Zheng
Shawn Noone
Daniel Jacques

Shot at l'AMETAC 

©VonWong Photography
Montreal Conceptual Photographer
vonwong.com - Facebook - Twitter - Flickr