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【UIUX】字由藝術家 Merging words Callix
+ Final Year Project 2020 +
Sally Lee, Cika Chan
APP UI UX Design
字 由 藝 術 家
To encourage more young adults to be creative. By creating their own ‘Callix’  (creative merging words合體字) to gain accomplishment and develop an appreciation towards traditional Chinese characters.

Through a long history of combined Chinese characters(合文/合體字), merging with the color of our local life to create a new type of text artwork. 

At the same time, it encourages the young adult to create art in an accessible way and use their creative works as a language to communicate.
The target of this game is to appreciate other people's artworks, 
create your own artworks and show your artworks to the community.
+ Four core functions +
Community 探索
Studio 工作室 
Exhibition 展覽
My Space 我的空間

+ Community +

Show everybody's artworks, and if you have followed somebody, their works will be shown on top of the page. 

In this page, you can try to guess the merged word, like the first one, it's 阿飛正傳. You can leave a secret comment downside the post, if the answer is correct, both of you and the creator will get coins as a reward. Also, if you appreciate the work, you can give the creator some coins to show your support.
+ Studio +
A place for you to create your work. 
We have provided three topics with different levels. The more difficult topic the user chooses, the more bonus will be earned. We have designed two kinds of rewards to users. 

Raffle ticket(筆畫券): users have to collect those tickets in order to earn stroke components. The more stroke components they get, they can create more artworks. 

We want to encourage people to make merging words with challenging topics, so if you choose the hardest topic, we will give double or triple reward to them. After you confirmed the topic, they can start to create a merged word.
+ Studio + create artwork +

Those stroke components can be unlocked by the raffle ticket (筆畫劵). That means more stroke components can be unlocked if you keep creating new works. Besides, more colors are available for the user to purchase by using those coins they had earned by sharing artworks. It is a circulation that encourages people to keep creating new works. It provides motivation for people to keep sharing creativities and unlock new functions.

+ Studio + publish your work +

After finished, you can add a project title and short description of the works. Then, add a license about permission for download. When you publish the post, it will launch in the community. Other users are able to join and guess your words to earn rewards.
+ Exhibition + let people know your works +

 Everyone is an artist to have their own exhibition. 
After creating a number of works, you are qualified to hold an exhibition, like a place to show your creativity and efforts. 

You can select their artworks in their studio, set a theme, period, ticket price, venue to position the value of their works. You can also preview the exhibition as well.​​​​​​​
+ My Space + Review your achievement +

To show your achievements, as your portfolio.
We would like to present the visual with complete storytelling, so everyone owns their space like this. In the space, you can check out their levels by the hat color, trophies,  friend connections, coins, exhibition records and the most important is the stroke collections.

You can unlock your strokes by a number of raffle tickets(筆畫券) and coins. Each component is important in making a traditional Chinese character, so it would be a collection book to tell the value of them. This also motivates the user to gain and create. As well as, unlock more possibilities of merging words. Besides, you can exchange your strokes with others and interact with friends. ​​​​​​​

【UIUX】字由藝術家 Merging words Callix

【UIUX】字由藝術家 Merging words Callix