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R—U007 YouAlreadyKnow

Inspired by the history of Chinese traditional tea Pu'er, a team of designers in Korea created a brand, YouAlreadyKnow. The brand launched its first product, a serum made with Pu'er as a principal ingredient. When we were approached by the brand, it only created some basic materials to present the brand but didn't have any specific campaign to tell the story of the brand to its target audience.

We understood that its first target group is professional women in Korea. Although the brand had a clear value proposition, it didn't have a story to link its product with the interest of the audience. So we explored various narratives with the client and decided 'Life' as the main theme. The direction of the campaign was to communicate how YouAlreadyKnow product could shine the life of a girl in her ordinary day.

Re—Union organized the production of its first campaign in Madrid. We used analog photography for the main campaign images in order to project the pure and organic feeling of the brand. We also created a video together with a young videographer, Jaime Venegas. With a minimalistic sound and voice over of a short poem, the video tells the story like an elegant movie.​​​​​​​
Art Direction & Photography
Knu Kim

Jaime Venegas Toledo

Style & Makeup
Amira Namías Kassar

Selina Feduchi
R—U007 YouAlreadyKnow

R—U007 YouAlreadyKnow

Art Direction and photography work done for an up-coming cosmetic brand in Korea. YouAlreadyKnow provides pure, organic skincare products inspire Read More