For the past six years I've spoken at the HOW Design Conference. Now called #HOWLive. Every year I spend a lot of time working on my presentations and this years talk was motivated by my own struggles with creativity at times and how to stay inspired and relevant in our design pursuits. Below are a few slides from the 2013 talk.
The aesthetic for this talk is a style I don't work in too often. I figured if I was encouraging designers to try new things I should probably force myself to work in a style I rarely use and hence this collaged look.
The core premise of this talk was to leave your creative comfort zone. And sometimes that is very uncomfortable. So I decided to give the talk in a dumb-ass rabbit costume. Not only was it far outside my comfort zone by a few time zones, it was also way too hot and I was a sweaty mess by the time I was done. LOL
We all run on fumes at times. It's a common struggle for those who pursue creative ideas on a regular basis.
What is creativity? Creativity is how you think. And not all ideas are good one. We have to move through a lot of bad ideas in order to isolate and develop a good idea.
Read my full notes for this talk (Sorry slides are not included) using the link below.