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About the project
Client: Ecoco is the blog about environmental education, principles of sustainable development on the planet, reducing the burden on the planet through personal responsibility of a person who leads a conscious lifestyle.
Objective: to create a static and dynamic logo, which draws attention to the project already at the stage of visual reading of its main visual communication object.
Solution: a clean, dynamic logo, in a concise form, conveys to the audience the idea of living in balance, and in its brief version, rhymes with the symbol "%" thus demonstrating the desire for a meaningful and balanced approach to life. The logo also refers to the sorting symbol, gently and non-aggressively engaging the audience in a sustainable lifestyle.
Key visual principle: a conscious and balanced relationship between humans and nature.
Tonality: inner and outer harmony and balance.
Dynamic logotype
Options for different formats and communication channels
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Client: EcoCo brand is an introduction to environmental education about the principles of sustainable development on the planet, reducing the bur Read More