Visual Identities
TCS NYC Marathon: Created for the new sponsor of the New York City Marathon, Tata Consultancy Services. The logo synthesizes the energy of the runners and the city, celebrates the race’s global impact, and signals the arrival of a more technologically advanced Marathon than ever before. | 2014
Chatham Financial: Chatham Financial is the largest independent interest rate and currency risk advisor and provides innovative solutions in both the derivative and debt markets through a powerful combination of advisory services and market-tested technology solutions. This logo represents both the guidance and the solutions that Chatham Financial provides its clients | 2012
Sean Coffey for NY Attorney General: Created for Sean Coffey's bid for Attorney General.  | 2010
WaterHealth: WaterHealth International offers an immediately deployable strategy for processing healthy drinking water in underserved communities and delivers a scalable, sustainable solution to purify any source of water to WHO-quality drinking water standards.This logo acts as a representation of the purification of water as the drop transitions from "water" to "health" | 2010
KBM: Formerly KnowledgeBase Marketing, the updated name and logo design reflected the company's global leadership in all things data | 2010
Camera Experiment | 2009
Culture Cuisine | 2009
Rethink Autism: Named and designed by Doublespace both represent a new, hopeful way to think about autism | 2008
House of Trim: House of Trim is a boutique post production facility located in SoHo,NYC.It includes a collective of talented editors who specialize in both agency work and direct to client projects. In addition to editorial, they offer a full range of post-production services. House of Trim's logo highlights both their post-production and editorial work | 2007
US Trust Wealth Training: US Trust asked Doublespace to help develop programs that would foster brand loyalty among wealth holders and inheritors. The solution was a custom education program including an innovative group play game called ― Wealth Training for Teens ― challenging teen players to steward a $1MM family gift by practicing saving, spending, investing, philanthropy and entrepreneurship, which is represented in the Wealth Training logo  | 2006
Dale and Thomas Popcorn: Iconic and reminiscent of great packaged goods logos from the '40s and '50s, this logo conveys the product's down-home goodness | 2004
Rodale: Working with the Rodale trefoil, we gave a home to the new positioning and tagline "Live Your Whole Life" | 2003
Saloon Bar and Grill: ARK Restaurants engaged Doublespace to create the look and feel of Saloon, a modern cowboy themed restaurant in Las Vegas.  Using an iconic “sheriff’s star” and warm desert tones as the basis for design, Doublespace created compelling logo along with restaurant merchandise including carry out bags, tee shirts and hats, and restaurant collateral like menus, business cards and comment cards | 2002
Pure Advice: Designed by Doublespace during its incubator stage, the concept behind Pure Advice was to help users get professional guidance online at milestones during their life: college, marriage, first home, first baby, and retirement. | 2000
Wink: A global, multicultural fashion and beauty magazine with a distinctive point of view | 2000
All Kinds of Minds: The puzzle piece and childlike typography celebrate the learning differences in all children | 2000 Designed at the start of the digital revolution and before iTunes, Music Maker allowed users
to create their own CDs online. | 1999
Simple Choice: Designed at the start of energy deregulation, the Simple Choice brand was deisgned for Kinder Morgan as as brand extension to sell additional products to their customers.  | 1996
Diamond Exchange: The Diamond Exchange is an educational forum created as a brand extension of Diamond Technology to help the company become the preeminent thought-leadership in digital strategy.  | 1996
New Sound New York: A music festival that celebrated avant garde musicians at The Kitchen.  | 1996
Publicolor: Central to Publicolor's mission is the beautification and revitalization of public and civic spaces through the affordable medium of paint and collaborations that engage the students and the community as a whole. The ever-changing circle 'c' was created to represent the transformational power of color in public spaces | 1996
Crunch: The fisted hand and jagged edges created an attitude for the gym that was undeniable and appealed to its downtown audience | 1991
Next Wave: An early client, Doublespace enjoyed an eight year collaboration with the Brooklyn Academy of Music to bring to life the artistically adventurous Next Wave Festival, an annual 10-week series of performances. Doublespace created Next Wave's 1st ever logo along with the original branding and promotional materials for the festival | 1982
Fetish, the Magazine of the Material World was the first colloboration of Jane Kosstrin, David Sterling and Terence Main. The magazine celebrated the "material world" and gave birth to Doublespace. 
Visual Identities

Visual Identities

Logos design by Doublespace over the past 30 years.

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