Syrian Association For Citizens' Dignity © 2019

Client: Syrian Association For Citizens' Dignity
Service: Logo & Visual Identity 
Location: Istanbul, Turkey.
Visual System Design: Yazan Alterkawi
Art Direction: Yazan Alterkawi
Designers: Yousif AlTalli & Alaa Amin & Bashier Ghazi

The Syrian Association for Citizens’ Dignity SACD is a national grassroots civil rights based popular movement, founded and led by displaced Syrians, for the people of Syria. It has no political affiliation. Through policy advice, advocacy and dialogue, it works to promote and secure the rights of refugees and IDPs from Syria, representing their views and concerns to get their voices heard. It embodies the diversity of the country’s population, regardless of social class, gender or religious confession. It fights against premature or forced return. It considers that a movement for dignified return, based on recognition of the rights of the displaced citizens of Syria, is central to any efforts to end the conflict and assist in Syria’s recovery. 
For that, we tried to build a logo that represents the values and direction of the association. With the board member of the association we chose a family, a bird, and the Syrian map to be combined in the logo mark, for these three elements are essential in both the Syrian case and the association’s vision. We combined them in a simple and strong mark that has an official style, because the association is a juristic entity and deals with governmental  agencies. Finally, the colors are driven from the Syrian Revolution’s flag, but less saturated to keep an original touch.

SACD - Brand Identity