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    In order to visualize the theme of insecurity in the whole educational field we firstly ran a deep analysis of the different schoolastic paths that an Italian student can walk from his/her first years to his/her entrance in the work market. We noticed that most of their choices are made after the high school, deciding for a job or an Univeristy, and facing the different courses option. Our choice to focus on public education is related to the shortage of information given from our sources about the private institutes. 
    The fragmented appearance of the visualization, its formless global image, reflects the confusion in which data are treated and offered from miur (the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) and istat (the most important and authoritative Italian statistics institute). 
    The first part of our visualization tries to show the complex relationships system (economic, didactical and decision-making flows) that makes possible the existence of the whole Public University System. In the second part we analysed the different academic paths from starting University to obtaining a master degree and in which way and misure academic careers are related to the real work world.
    We also wanted to point out the precariousness of the academic situation and, as a consequence, how our visualization is logically correct only in the present. Our representation could not tell the same story in the next future; currently a lot of changes regarding the whole educational system have being discussed by the Parliament for an important reform proposed by the Minister Mariastella Gelmini (anyway we are not sure for how long she will be our Minister).
    As a conclusion of this period of research and design, we face an unsolved question: is it possible that employement possibilities are the only factor that influences students’ choices?
    Project by:
    Monica Diani
    Valerio Pellegrini
    Tommaso Trojani
    Giorgio Roberto Uboldi
    Francesco Villa
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