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    Infinite State represents the exploration of self, not as a lone single state machine, but as the infinite.
Talk in Technicolor is Infinite State's first single, exploring the unity of human consciousness.
Also available on Spotify, Rdio, iTunes, and Amazon.
The sense of movement throughout the track is provided by a lovely Arturia Minibrute triangle wave run through an over-driven Steiner-Parker filter.
The powerful driving imact that the peice builds up to is a carefully crafted blend of the analog Moog Voyager, the virtual NI Monark, and an acoustic Cello section.
Audio samples were extracted from an incredible account of LSD research from the 1950s:
The album art was captured in a place far from home in Portland, Oregon.
While exploring the festival-like Saturday Market in Chinatown, I was surrounded by a sea of people selling, shouting, performing, and consuming.
Suddenly, the girl pictured appeared in a zen-like state, unconcerned with everything around her.  She walked by swiftly, listening to the music — lost in her own universe.