Portafolio para de currículum con los diversos trabajos más destacables de mi galería (que no todos)
Este Portafolio está dividido en Secciones
1)Video y Animación
3)Retoque Fotográfico/Composiciones/Logos
4) Bosquejos e Ilustraciones


 Videos and Animations
Some of the projects i did in the past, more will come.
Alerts and miniclips for SILENCIO INCÓMODO
Alerts and clips used in my Youtube Channel, Silencio Incómodo, made in After Effects
Made in After Effects/Illustrator, some tests for a Youtube Channel Logo. It seems the crew is no longer interested in making a channel, so they dropped the project, but i liked the logos I made.
ARTS Spot Culture & Development

Spot for the NGO Arts: Culture & Development Done in After Effects.
IF - By Juan Martos

Written and Directed by Juan Martos Díaz, Shot in Eskisehir, Turkey. Editing, Sound mixing, subtitles, color correcting and some of the shots are mine.

Starring Antonio Aguilar Ortín
Voice (Narrator):
Mr. Roger Norman
City Of Me

A fully-handrawn (In Wacom) Videoart Short-Film, the goal was to create a self-portrait in video. Made in After Effects

The Longest Night of November - Game Project Pre-Alpha:

Game prototype made with UDK, first part of video: animation, second part: gameplay.
Color Correcting and LUT Curves Exercise

Colorama´s Magic Bullet Exercise, done in After Effects, Footage recorded with my Canon 60D
Hollow Man Studios - Intro

My first animation - Intro for my personal company: Hollow Man Studios. Donde in 3D Max, details in Zbrush, columns fractured with Rayfire plugin, flames done with FumeFX
Sea Simulation

Ocean simulation in 3Ds Max, done with the Houdini Ocean Tool Plugin, rendering and lights in V-Ray. Color correction and sound added in post.
Three-Second Animation: The Comic-Book Artist

First Attempt to create a fully-handmade animation, drawn with a Wacom Bamboo in Photoshop.
Driving is not a game
 Spot creating as advertising for "Consumer Behaviour" in Anadolu University, in Turkey, Original idea, concept and post-production was mine.,
With Juan Martos, Arturo Sanchez, Rafael Sanchez, Alex Snelling, Moises Blanco, y Martín Freire
3D Renders
3d Renders in diverse applications, mostly 3dsMax
Mystic Tree
Zbrush practice
Sci-Fi Interior Digital Tutors Practice
First try of creating a sci-fi interior, all done in 3ds Max
Anatomy Practice
Zbrush, female anatomy
Azalin Rex
Zbrush practice, the Lord of the Darkon domain in Ravenloft, based on an old illustration
Viper sketch
Work in progress of Viper
The Gauntlet
Zbrush projection practice
El Árbol
3dsMax+texturing practice
Work in Progress in 3dsmax for stablishing shots and vfx compositing.
Photoshop Compositions/Logos
Diverse works made in Photoshop.
Photoshop compositiion, finalist in the Mostra Audiovisual of Gandía
Black & Color
Fashion manipulation practice, the model was blonde before :)
Iguana Studios Logo
Stencil Practice
Mighty Unicorn
Company Logo for my web design company
Card Mockups
Logo Design for a car leasing company
The heart of the machine
Night Hunter
Eye expansion, nose modification, face manipulation and several color+lightning tweakings and postprocesses
Mermaid At Heart Designs
Rejected designs for a TShirt
Cover for a printed work for the university
Art, Doodles and Sketches
Drawings, designs and characters
The Journey Begins
First illustration that served as inspiration for "The Longest Night of November", Done in SAI and Photoshop
Portrait - Stevenson McDundee
A portrait i made for a fantasy character.
Gates of Truth
Illustration in B/W Photoshop, no references.
The Journey 2: The Sorceress
Another illustration for the set, same software and techniques
Barnaby Smith Cover:
A cover I created for a cover contest for a novel about a man who is obsessed with flying (not with a plane, but like a bird), didn't win, but i like it
Vermin - Alimaña:
Enemy Design for the Game project "The Longest Night of November" done in hand and colored in photoshop
Stevenson II
Another approach of the Stevenson character
Junk - Trasto:
Character Design for Junk, Eric's dog for the game project "The Longest Night of November"
Eric - Final Blueprint:
Final Design for Eric, main character for the game project "The Longest Night of November":
The Eye of the Envy - El Ojo de la Envidia
Enemy Boss design for the Game project "The Longest Night of November"
Sketch, done in Mischief
Berty, the monkey:
Doodle, done in SAI
Adventure Time Me
An illustration i've made in the Adventure Time Style, it's me, and Gizmo, my dog.
Y.T - T,A
Y,T, character from the novel "Snow Crash" written by Neal Stephenson
Female Practice 
Sketch, done in Mischief
Dr. Monk Eybrain
Doodle made in SAI
OtherWorldy Creatures Designs
Designs for a Pokemon Lookalike Fan Videogame created by a friend.
Sketch - Character Design, done in Mischief
Corgi - Vida a través de línea y Forma Sketch 1
A super quick (2 minutes) practice
Chameleon - Vida a través de línea y Forma Sketch 2
A super quick (2 minutes) practice
Tiger - Vida a través de línea y Forma Sketch 3
A super quick (2 minutes) practice
Apple - Vida a través de línea y Forma Sketch 3
A super quick (2 minutes) practice
The Wall of the Artist
A wall compiling lots of doodles and sketches i've made in SAI
1927 - The Rules of the Majestic
Illustration in Sai and Photoshop
Sketch- Girls
Practice, done in SAI
Heads practice
Professor Layton: The Movie
Fictional poster for the DS Popular character Professor Layton feature film
Concept Art Practice
Sketched in 10 minutes for Game Production
Ramphastidae Studios Pet Study
Creation pf a sketch for a future 3d creature for a studio logo.
Comic Practice - The Survivor - Page 1
Photoshop and SAI
Comic Practice - Two sides of the coin, page 3
Done in SAI
Golden Buda
Quick design for a T-Shirt
Weekly Doodles!
Everyone loves Doodles!
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Portafolio de trabajos de Video, 3d, Fotomontajes y composiciones de Photoshop, y bocetos, ilustraciónes y arte