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    Subaru has launched a new spot for the all-new 2013 Forester, which was shot in Tasmania.
Subaru - Forester / TVC
Concept Art & Matte Paintings with the team at ALTVFX.
Director:  Brendan Williams
Post Production:  ALTVFX
VFX Supervisor:  Colin Renshaw
Above:  Origional plate needed modification as the Director wanted to have the hero bike over looking a river which we widened even more in the final full Matte Painting.
Above: The director wanted a shallow river inlet for the 3d boats to go up in this panning shot.
Above: Skid marks, water trails and a ground patch on this flyover shot.
Above:  Painted grand mountains into the background landscape.
Above:  Matching the previous shot with its added mountains though shot with a different camera.
Above:  The making of for the comercial.