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Seyahan Jewelry 2018 ©

Client: Amira hussein - The A Game Studio 
Service: Logo Design
Location: Charleston, South Carolina - USA
Branding Development: Yazan Alterkawi
Art Direction: Yazan Alterkawi
Designers:  Abdulwahab Ahmed & Eyad siwar & Ahmad Aljokhadar & Hamza Jounad 

Seyahan Jewelry store was made for people who appreciate craftsmanship and quality. It is made to enhance your state of mind and add an oriental yet refined touch to your wardrobe. Our designs are made to exude a sense of know-how, intelligence and effortlessness. 
Seyahan pride themselves with working one on one with artisans on a sustainable basis, striving to maintain a consistent quality level. they value transparency and respect in their workflow. Their partners include master craftsmen, family-operated workshops, and two women's cooperatives, all located in various regions of Turkey.
The development of the logo was made by keeping a minimal style while adding earnest and class. The mark was shaped from the Saljooki star developed from the old logo. The mark has Interlocking details that reflect the way Seyahan’s jewelry is made. The star was designed in an imperfect way to give it a more realistic and historical feeling and to encourage viewers to take a close look and enjoy the details. The Saljooki star has a direct relation with Turkish history where the jewelry is made.

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SEYAHAN - Branding