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    People of Humla.
They are very very fond of their own culture and styles. Some old people haven't seen how an outsider like us would look like because people hardly go there. Well, women here love to wear their jeweleries even during normal days. They are just full of silver jeweleries !
The woman in the photo is wearing an ear ring named as " Chyandar"
Septum piercing is the most commonest culture here. Also, women wear band of colorful glass beads .
nobody gives a shit about smoking chillium here because everybody does that..
Little girl Aastha playing with stones.
chillum woman of humla, Nepal.
A woman with such a beautiful traditional jeweleries !!!! 
relaxing on the mountain goat's fur
family busy killing lice !
tiny terrace like that !
after collecting woods ! They go to collect these woods ( for that day) walking hours and hours
drying some barley
too blur to focus on anything
but that s the meaning
in the end.
sitting there in total silence, yet it seems they are not realizing it.
if they had realized that, then they wouldn't know the beauty of silence.
lama woman with her special jewelries in Raling festival in mountains.
beaten barley
memories under apple trees.
Since they are still away from road transportation facility, most of these people have no idea how the vehicles look like.
Looks like already 30 or more but she's just 21 and its her son in the photo. She carries stones whole day long. Women in this area has darker skin.
time to fetch some water !
washing her clothes.
 only dhami/ Jhakri wear such ear ring like an old jhakri woman in the photo is wearing..