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2Morrow - #Covid19 - Poster collection
“Tomorrow will no longer be the same”
More than 1 month in quarantine but 1 century seems to have passed since we lived our “regular” everyday life. 
Now medias all around the world start to questioning about what they call “Phase 2” of the Lockdown. 
A second phase that going to represent our “Tomorrow” our “future” that, for sure, is going to be different from the past. A total new version of the world. Someone said a better version someone think is going to be and apocalyptic version 
of our society. Visualize the future have an huge weight on our life, on the way we perceive the world and the way we think and act. As artists and designers one of our main roles in this world is be able to imagine and visualize the future in order to give to the people a vision to share, a path to follow. We’re not just able decorators or good software users we must be cultural interlocutors able to use the visual communication to express complex data, to make a kid dreaming about something that is not in front of his/her eyes yet or to make people, from any cultural background, aware of what might await them.

Phase 2” and “Tomorrow”. This the mix that gave the title to this creative challenge called “2morrow”. 

Two” because we can always choose Good or bad vision of our future, hope and fear, black and white. The side of the message depends from how we going to point the finger in the direction of tomorrow through our creative job.
The aim of this challenge is to discover different vision of our future from artist and designer all around the world. 
There is peace or war. Humans or robots, unity or division, happiness or sadness. How our quarantine and our personal experiences made us perceive the next step of our life? in which world we’re going to be inserted after 
the Covid19 crisis. Which facts and news made you imagine the vision that you have? How doyou imagine the life of 2morrow?

BOB Liuzzo (IED Professor) - Italy

Moiz Kandhar (CEAD - Pakistan)

Marek Maciejczyk (Poland) - Ermanno Iodice (IED Milano - Italy)
Noa Sempels (IED Milano - Italy) 

Ramona Bruno (Italy / France)

Erika Caffo (IED Milano)

Sara Ruggeri (IED Milano)

Tiziano Lettieri (Italy) - Oyku Naz Onen (IED Milano) - Giorgia Lancellotti Italy)

Clara Fois (Italy) - David Saunders (USA) - Paolo Eccher (IED Milano)

Arcan Design (Italy)

Rubaisha Memon (CEAD - Pakistan)

Lorenzo Noventa (IED Milano)

Luigi Vernieri (IED Roma - Professor)

Chiara Tarantino (IED Milano) - Chiara Fiorani (IED Milano)
Gasya Arapoglu (IED Milano)

Carola Bugni (IED Milano)

Anna Spreafico (IED Milano)

Ambre Carladous (IED Milano)

Alessia Sparacino (Italy)

Gianluca Santoro (Italy) - Adriano Merigo (Italy) - Alessia Porro (IED Milano)

Luisa Ziravello Gomes (Italy)

Marina Bonanni (IED Milano Professor - Italy)

Martina Matiz (Italy) - Elena Pettinelli (Italy) - Claudia Marmeggi (Italy)

Alessia Longoni (Italy)

Salvatore Sasha Guadagno (Italy) - Sinem Ozvarnali (IED Milano) 

Serena Mazzi (IED Milano) - Natia Rukhadze (IED Milani) - Sara Benettolo (Italy)

Matteo Muscetti (IED Milano) - Mariana Parodi (IED Milano) - Mariagrazia Sicilia (Italy)

Agne Sluckute (Lithuania)

Xiaosu Huang (IED Milano)

Oreste Iavazzo (Italy) - Sergio Shin Baselice (Italy) - Pietro Fusi (IED Milano)

Paola Mangiarotti (IED Milano) - Matteo Giallongo (Italy) - Marco Giammarioli (Italy)

Valentina Cordilani (IED Milano)

Francesca Cassani (Italy)

Sara Franchini (Italy) - Yuri Michieletti (IED Milano)
Daniele Ghiazza (Italy) - Elena Vardanega (IED Milano) - Loris De Orlando (Italy)

Lucrezia Santagostino Pretina (Italy)

2Morrow - #Covid19 - Poster collection

2Morrow - #Covid19 - Poster collection

“Tomorrow will no longer be the same” More than 1 month in quarantine but 1 century seems to have passed since we lived our “regular” everyday li Read More