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    A modern Italian restaurant in Edmonton fully designed and branded by WeAreAllConnect.
This modern Italian restaurant is the first collaborative effort between Connect Visual—who were responsible for the branding, interior graphics and signage, web and print material, and Connect Architecture—who defined and designed the space.

The chef and owner,
Daniel Costa, created a menu based on elegance through simplicity. We responded by designing a space that lends itself to the purity of the food. The visual identity is as bold as an Sicilian Syrah, with deliverables that allow the restaurant to further develop and promote the brand.
There were a number of environmental and collateral pieces that needed to be designed. Their intention was to warm up the space and make the experience and interaction within the restaurant a lasting one.

We designed a set of stamps that act as ingredient indicators on the lunch take-out items, like sandwiches and pasta boxes. A set of pins were designed to be delivered to the customers with the bill, they are a keepsake and a small reminder to return soon.

We also used a few of Daniel's old family photos, and a scribble-written journal entry on the walls throughout the space to convey the connection to his roots and the purpose behind the restaurant.