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The Great Book Cover Project #6
Blindness – Catch 22 – The Pope's Rhinoceros

José Saramago's Blindess is an incredible book. You should read it, if you missed it so far.
It's story is about an epidemic, where people start to loose their sights in a rapid pace, and the civilization we know crumbles within weeks. I tried many versions but at the end, I felt like there shouldn't be any text on the front cover. It should be dominated by the drama.

The Pope's Rhinoceros is a dense novel set in a the 16th century Europe. The plot is about a Beast being transported to the Pope, X Leo, who in return might decide in favor of the Portugals at the Treaty of Tordesillas (splitting the New World between Spain and Portugal) But of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, there's much more happening throughout the novel...

Catch 22 has a strange tone, as it has a dramatic story... Death and insanity in one a lovely package.
It's one of the best anti-war novel ever written.

The novel's main character, "the doctor's wife", is the only one who is not affected by the virus, but it doesn't mean she could avoid the horrors
The writer's name and title should be embossed on the front cover – I was thinking about braille, but I rejected the idea
Making the Pope's dress work as a rhino at the same time was harder than I thought...
I tried many variations for the map theme – as the story revolves around a long journey and the splitting of the new continent – but at the end all of them felt boring
Catch-22 became a common idiomatic usage meaning "a no-win situation" or "a double bind" of any type
I liked a lot the knot and the paragraph shaped planes as a critique of bureaucratic operation and reasoning but the novel is more dramatic than what these images are suggesting