Multiple Exposure Film Photography
Barcelona and NYC bars - LOMO LC-A and Olympus OM-1. FujiFilm
Artist Statement
We live in a digital world. When it comes to my photography however, I choose not to. There is something about the history and variety of cameras, the hands-on experience when loading film that you loose when shooting digital. I love spending hours in the darkroom when I can, but the photos you see today have been created in-camera since I can't fit a darkroom in my tiny New York apartment. 

Opting for film instead of digital allows for a certain serendipity in my work. The images I shoot are not meticulously planned. I have an idea of what I look for and want to express, but the end product of overlaps and clash of imagery is mostly by chance. 

For these latest projects, I take images from New York city and juxtaposed them with images of Peru/Spain/Venezuela or wherever I find myself next. The images that overlap each other struck me as drastically different, incongruous, yet oddly related. By stacking images of these contrasting cultures, one has the opportunity to be confronted by their differences and explore their similarities.
Costa Rica and Financial district in NYC. Mutliple Cameras using FujiFilm.
Ollantaytambo, Peru and New York Fashion Week runway show. Mutliple Cameras using FujiFilm.
Old Bleecker st. 6train stop and my friend's rooftop in WIlliamsburg. Mutliple Cameras using FujiFilm.
East Village and old F train. Mutliple Cameras using FujiFilm.
East Village at night. Mutliple Cameras using FujiFilm.
Natural History museum and DUMBO. Mutliple Cameras using FujiFilm.
St. Patrick's Catherdral, NYC and Venezuelan market with hammocks. Mutliple Cameras using FujiFilm.
Grand Central Station, NYC and A venezuelan car in Dowtown Maracaibo. Mutliple Cameras using FujiFilm.
Multiple Exposure Film Photography