Syrian Students Forum in Turkey / SSFT 2019 ©
The Forum is an independent Syrian student non-profit organization founded in Istanbul in 2019, targeting Syrian university students at all levels in various Turkish states. Through its programs and projects, the Forum strives to be an effective platform for the students that operates the same way as student unions to mobilize, empower, and develop their capabilities as they believe in the values ​​of the Syrian revolution.
The Challenge: 
Is to design something suitable for two very different categories. The first is government organizations and agencies, and the second category is Syrian university youth. Therefore, we adopted a formal method in designing the logo and visual identity ,because the forum is an official organization representing Syrian students in Turkey, and it will have dealings with governmental and international bodies and organizations. But we have also tried to introduce a youthful touch so that the identity is also suitable for undergraduate students of all ages.
Logo Concept: 
We designed the logo to be an overhead view of a university graduation cap. We also chose the first Arabic letter of the word “Multaqah” - the Arabic word for “Forum”, around which the idea of ​​the whole project revolves, and gives the logo an authentic Arabic character, because of the indications and symbols in the Arabic calligraphy for this letter that intersects with the vision of the forum. A portion of the Arabic letter M hangs outside the cap, blending in with its structure to form the tassel on a graduation cap. This gives the logo a balance and creates a place for the long forum name to be completely written to the left of the logo. Because the forum holds gatherings and activities, we designed a set of sub-logos with a deliberate future-development system in case they create new entities affiliated with the forum. Finally, we were keen on designing the logo to be simple, easy to remember, and easy to use on multiple platforms. As for the colors, we chose blue as it is usually associated with education and culture, and it gives a sense of calmness and safety.

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Client: Syrian Students Forum In Turkey
Service: Full Branding 
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Branding Development: Yazan Alterkawi
Art Direction: Yazan Alterkawi
Designers: Haider Mami & Fares Sakor

SSFT - Brand Identity