This animation was done as an Advertise to the Agudos College, a small educational center near where I live. This was meant to be a simple and quick to produce video that only will be shown at local movie theaters. It was a 2 day job, mainly done, acted, edited and produced by me and an assistant. This is the result. Enjoy.
Video text translation to English

•  What is the shape of knowledge?
• Each person is unique.
• On it's own way
• But only Agudos College has the best content.  We got the national evaluation highest grade.
• Price of the courses
• Contact us!

The making of
The shooting was really simple, just some lights at the background and a big room to take distance from the wall. Thats it. After that all work was done in After Effects tracing the shapes and including water effects, done frame by frame to sync with the sound track.