Kyiv-Mohyla Business School

About the project
Client: the original business school, built on personalities and non-standard thinking.
Actual and global. It trains those who create and develop companies — the founders
of businesses and top managers.
Objective: to redesign the logo, to redefine the identity and align it with the values of kmbs.
Solution: a general concept of the "individual voice" of the brand was created, which opened up
in an integrated design system and visual communications. In the logo there were aligned and harmonised 
the inner and outer letter spaces and offered a new color solution. There also have been completely rethought
the training, office and service areas, cafes — they were filled with original photos and subjects,
art, painting, VR stations, multimedia panels, books and music.
Key visual principle: energy that spreads as waves, where every
wave transmits into space — values, vision and semantics.
Tone of voice: fresh energy.

— main, inversion and minimalistic version

Signs for programs
— MBA programs, corporate programs, strategic programs and programs of management development

Color system
— colors and main gradients for programs

Brand language
— brochure, notepad, business card and stationery
Brand language
— flyers and pens
Web page
— series of posters for different programs


Social media and presentation
— Instagram page style and presentation template

Interior solution
— implementation of the concept in the navigation development


     Thanks for the interior visualization     
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