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    part of a series of illustration currently in development
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Personal illustration
This BINAURAL series started to take off a few months ago when I decided to revisit an older illustration.
So there it was, Binaural II, created over a few consecutives nights of insomnia. A few months later (and without the insomnia factor) Binaural III followed (http://be.net/gallery/BINAURAL-III/7351201 ).
This is the 5th one. Using the visual langage and shapes developped in the car series and combining elements of collage and photography as well, this series feeds itself, each image using fragments of its predecessors.
This one is a new milestone. It's based on a photography that I shot last year. Another shoot is planned tomorrow, and I intend on creating another dozen of those at least within the next few months for a project that I will soon be able to share with you around here.
Stay tunned. Thanks for your support .