Idea:Transform guardrails into rails
In this design, highway guardrails are transformed into rails, then a kind of small rescue vehicle can run on it and it will arrive at the accident spot as soon as possible. This rescue system makes highway exits work as the survice base. Rescue teams (high-speed traffic policemen and doctors) use this system to guarantee the most timely rescue and emergency treatment.
Emergency Lane Is Certain To Be Occupied When Accident
There are three general lanes and an emergency parking strip (lay-by) in a high way. But in China, especially on most busy highways, it is often occupied by other vehicles. If a traffic accident happened, many cars might rush into the emergency lane, then rescue vehicles could not arrive in time and delay the timing of rescue.
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A Path That Cannot Occupied By The Normal Traffic
When we thought about the proper way to eliminate this situation of emergency lane abuse, an idea came to us: there must be a specific channel for the emergency vehicle, that is impossible for other normal vehicle to use by logic.
And also it should be cheap and easy to be installed in the existing highway. According to these, reforming the guardrail into a special lane is the best solution.
the position of the rails on highway
Details: The Vanguard
Rescue team can arrive at the scene as soon as possible and give the first aid treatment immediately by this car. it has rotatable body and a detachable the First-aid Medical box which contains a series of tools and medicine specificlly for first aid in traffic accident.
1. detachable Medicine box  2. power System  3. Spin Axis  4. Foot rest  5. info Center (touch screen)
Details: The Ambulance
The big car plays the role to take the injured away from the scene quickly, for further relief. it is rotatable in order to change the moving direction and inside of the cabin has perfect life Support System:
1. Stretcher that can be easilly install;
2. Automatic Medicaments box: Electrocardiogram equipment, inject, Monitoring of blood pressure;
3. lightning and temperature control system;
4. blood bank freezer and oXrb to support the life of injured while going to rescue base;
5. Communication device: provides the way to communication with the wounded, helps the doctors know the condition in real time and gives them the sense of security.
Other Applications
1. In the situation of frequent traffic jams on expressway (such as Beijing-Tibet Expressway), Freescue Monorail can provide trapped drivers and passengers with the necessary materials, such as fuel, water and food, etc.
2. At ordinary times, by acting as a moving high-speed patrolman, Freescue Monorail can monitor the overspeed vehicles, etc. And it can provide necessary assistance.
3. Freescue Monorail will make it convenient for engineers to maintain and repair highway facilities.