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    Creative typography exploration of the word Flow for Evokeone's release "Flow"
Original Sketch/Outline
Further process to original sketch/outline including shading and drips.
Added a background, further progress on shading and detailing of the forms.
Included a gradient to the background, as well as more form to stylize the illustration and further the piece. Deeper shading was also added for depth.
Lighting and highlights were introduced in this step to add depth and shape to the forms and letters.
Further shading and layering of paint added. More intense color with adjustment layers.
Blending and shading.
Shading and highlights were adjusted as well as some extra details of darker drips.
Introduction of added forms/shapes as well as a new background color to compliment the color palette.
Vignette, blending and shading and some smoke to add drama to the piece.
Exploring an idea with two different backgrounds. I also included a subtle noise layer for a nice amount of texture.
At this point I'm pretty confident with where things are art, details, lighting and texture all feel like they are in a good place.
Final Version