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    The highlights of my 2012 webdesign class.
These are some of the highlights from my 2012 web design class, some are images of the entire page and some are just to the fold.
Below was an assignment to make a website for a hobby of yours, so I picked vintage style dresses. I choose a ribbon font to really set the page off.
This assignment was to make an appealing newspaper design. Newspapers are notorious for having poor websites, largely because they usually copy their paper design thinking it will translate the same to web.
This assignment was a redesign for a local dentist (see old site design here). The goal was a clean and friendly design. The logo was converted into a vector and made white to modernize it and make it pop on dark backgrounds.
This last design was a re-design of a local family-owned bookstore. They are funky and eclectic and like to stress their local Eugene flair.