Public Art Samples
Katherine Kerr
Public Art Samples
Katherine has built small business, facilitation, leadership, project management and client trust for her commissions in prominent, often award winning, public buildings and locations. Katherine engages as creative artist, professional consultant, client and contractor liaison, and general contractor responsible for all levels of design, budgeting, project management and delivery.  Katherine’s installations have won her awards and the respect of clients and community users alike.  The following represent a selection of her commissions over the years.
CONTINUUM - Centennial Memorial Sculpture, Library Plaza, City of North Vancouver BC, 2006. Stainless Steel, light.
Past / present /future of North Vancouver’s development loop endlessly in a portal of stainless steel and light, located along Lonsdale Avenue to be an iconic ceremonial installation on axis with walking routes, major intersections and civic buildings. The steel is inscribed in ten-decade increments citing local achievement and memorable events.  From the bottom of the sculpture, light illuminates its form and, when a person crosses its threshold, floods them with in a pure white light.

2009  Public Art Award of Excellence

Bronze castings and welded plate, flamed and engraved granite.
The assembly of community hands and objects, which forms a rhythmic procession toward the library entrance, suggests the values the community holds and helps to focus the community’s identity. The granite slabs uniting the bronze sculptures are engraved with text inspired from community members' own words and form a dialogue between the pieces and a vision for the new library.

SQwACvAY'S - VCC Skytrain Station, Vancouver BC , 2005.  
Custom cut light fixtures, flamed and etched granite, bronze castings.

Three totemic lanterns stand before the station.  Each light illuminates a"midden" that reveals the transformation of the site from swamp to urban infill. The site is a mudflat, a memory of vanished salmon streams, a riparian railway land, an eco-sensitive greenway.  The light also gently illuminates a word etched in the fiberglass fin above: "filled", "buried", "cut - histories all.  Each lamp stands in an 8' x 3' elliptical black granite "pool" containing a story, one for each condition.  Set within the granite, and illuminated by the reflected light, is a bronze casting that relates to its place setting.

BY WATER, BREATHE - Wagg and Mission Creeks Rehabilitation, City of North Vancouver BC, 2004.
28 steel panels, plasmacut. powder coated, and bolted to 7 existing bridges in Mahon Park.

Mahon Park is a forest preserve in the middle of the city, suffering from degradation due to urban runoff and human activity.  The art intervenes only where existing man-made structures exist and are in disrepair.  The mural imagery come from the forest itself, either from rubbings of textures and fragments of nature, or inspired by the animal life observed there.  Each mural is accompanied by cryptic narratives of the stream, sounds and sights in the forest, the whole of which is read as a guided meditation if one travels the length of the forest, crossing each bridge.  The intention is to draw attention to the restorative aspects of this unique forest - the heart of the urbanity that surrounds it.

INHALE - Lake City Skytrain Station, Burnaby BC, 2002.
Custom laminated and tempered glass, ceramic frit, sandblast, acid etch.

This ephemeral installation for the glazed stairwells of a new skytrain station plays with natural light to sift breath, site, story and memory in translucent and holographic-like overlays.  Two text layers are distilled from experiential on-site recordings while the inter-layers record delicate nature fragments collected from the wooded corridor that defines the boundary between neighbourhood and highway.  

STREAMS OF CONSCIOUSNESS - Jack Loukes Park, City of North Vancouver, BC, 2000
Foot-bridge of Yellow Cedar planks with Pacific Yew inlaid text, stained Red Cedar handrails, steel structure. 

In this integrated installation for a new community park public information about historic salmon stocks is interwoven with the artist's own poem of the salmon to create a subliminal ground for a foot-bridge. The bridge iconography is inspired by the railway that built North Vancouver, but ultimately destroyed the historic landscape of forest and salmon streams.

MILKYWAY - The Lions Public Art Project, Vancouver BC, 1999
8000 sq. ft. plaza mural:  40 glazed quarry tile “galaxy” mosaics, brass“constellations” and 3 large bronze “ship” insets, coloured aggregate field and 170 flush mounted fiber optic “starpoint” lights in black granite tile.

This is a mixed-media installation for a downtown development designed to be a brilliant and colourful abstract "mural" of the Milkyway by day and a dramatic show of "starlight" by night. Cast bronze ships located at each entrance to the plaza refer to the metaphoric ships that sail the heavens, but also to ships well known to Vancouver’s harbours. 

CHRYSALIS - Sun Sui Wah Restaurant, Vancouver BC, 1995
12 foot diameter "lantern":  Carved Yellow Cedar, fabric custom brass and stainless fittings, custom designed halogen light fixture.  

This abstract sculpture illustrates principles of tension, compression andbalanced geometries.  Poetically it is a celestial light body suspended high in the entry rotunda of a contemporary restaurant.  Visitors revolve around it as they ascend the staircases to the dining room.
1996  IFAI International Achievement Award, Interior Projects;
1996  Beyond Boards Provincial Wood Competition (3rd place for carvings / sculpture)
Public Art Samples