evol123 Tabletop Game
With this project, the goal was to create an interactable item with the given keyword “evolution”. Everything else including the solution was up to the team to decide. As a team of 5, we decided to create a tabletop game. We met up every week and kept contact over an app to talk and decide on a theme and the game mechanics. The project took one semester to complete. 
The game is played with min 2 and max 4 players. There are nine races to choose from and the goal of the game is to be the first player to complete their evolution, or be the last one alive, through duels and map navigation. The map also has random events that can make the player lose or gain gene points and affect their idle status. Some examples are tornadoes and swamps, which affect one player at a time, or volcanoes and healing rains, which affect all of the players.

After deciding on the basics of the game, we gave each person in the group a specific role. My role (Hüner) was to create and design the nine races, and give ideas on what their evolutional abilities could be. There are three classes (STR, AGI, INT) for three habitats (water, air, ground). Each class has different abilities that evolve. Aggressive abilities for STR, Passive abilities for AGI, and both abilities for INT. While aggressive abilities are combat focused, passive abilities help navigate the map. Their abilities can be used once every completed turn on the map.
After drawing all of the evolutions, I refined my sketches and did the lineart on photoshop. I also digitally painted some backgrounds for each character and their habitat.
evol123 Tabletop Game