African Restaurant Concept+Identity
Kwenda Kuwinda is a restaurant where one can get familiar with the African culture and try the authentic African cuisine.

The restaurant focuses on men, financially secured, but pretty tired of the everyday work and family routine. A lot of men 40+ years of age have enough money, but do not have the opportunity to travel because of business.

I am created the concept of the restaurant where men could feel like a trip through African country. I called to the Hunter in men. Kwendi Kuwinda in Swahili means "I'm going to hunt".

I have identified three design criteria, which are stuck in the project. Authenticity, Conciseness and Modernity. The identity reflexes the variety and diversity of the African culture. The traditional African art in its modern interpretation is used as the main visual idea. I have created a brand alphabet in different shapes. The letters are going to turn into words or signs.
The logo contains spears, shields, idols, and woman’s breast, all those things that are so important to a man
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African Restaurant Concept+Identity