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    Contemporary design patterns for vases.
Michele Machles Design's
Treasure Vases
Creating art is my meditation. My pattern designs are a study of rhythmic motion and balance through art. All of my pieces are very organized, however, every now and then I break away from my symetrical patterns to explore and seek balance in less structured foundations. My artwork is derived from symbols and patterns used by many ancient civilizations. I use these ideas and combine them with influences from our contemporary urban culture.

Ever since I began painting, I'd often create my design patterns on my ceramic pots. While studying Tibetan Buddhist culture I stumbled upon their traditional Treasure Vases. I loved their designs and what they represented. The original Treasure Vases of Tibetan culture were placed at sacred sites in the community to "spread abundance and appease the indigenous spirits who dwelled in those places." They contain unlimited blessings for all and no matter how many wishes are granted they are unending displays of God's ability to help.

My dream is to find a manufacturer for my vases. I hope to have them marketed in stores and made available for people to enjoy. I hope that people will fill the containers with their dreams, favorite memories, positive inspirational quotes, photos and memories of love - people, places, etc. What you choose to put inside is supposed to tap into the most sacred parts of yourself. The place where if you had more time... you'd say I would have done that. Then hopefully, when you find the opportunity you are able to tap into your purpose/love/desire source very quickly and can remember your life's destiny and go about fulfilling it!

In our busy culture, we become involved with our everyday routines. It is my hope that people take
quiet moments to remember their hearts desires and my prayer that they find the means to fulfill them.