Vienna, Amore Mio
(Vienna, My Love)

It's a comicbook I made for the most important italian underground comics festival.
It was mainly made as an attempt to give birth to a product  as professional as I could with my grown level of knowledge of editing software like photoshop or illustrator but also to see my drawing progresses.

So I didn't focused very much on the plot but thanks to this work now I understand better what I want to draw and other important things about Me, my Art and how to do some stuff I'll need in the future.

[Italian only]
You can read it online here: ISSUU
Also here: BLOG
Below you can see all the raw pages without any graphic or lettering.
The printed copies between works of two great italian artists (LRNZ and Maicol&Mirco)
Rome - Crack! Fumetti dirompenti (a comics festival)
Front cover
Cover Art (Back & Front)
Pag. 2
Pag. 3
Pag. 4
Pag. 5
Pag. 6
Pag. 7
Pag. 8
Pag. 9
Pag. 10
Pag. 11
Pag. 12
Pag. 13
Pag. 14
Pag. 15
Pag. 16
Pag. 17
Pag. 18
The Artist showing his masterpiece.