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    Costumes and props I've made out of love for these anime and video game series.
Cosplay (Costume play)
Costumes made based on various Japanese anime/video game characters.
Satsuki Yatouji (Series: X/1999)
Cosplay made entirely by me, armor is Wonderflex, bodysuit sewn from 4-way stretch shiny PVC.
Madoka Kaname, kimono version (Puella Magi Madoka Magicka)
Cosplay made entirely by me, fabric was hand-dyed and meticulously hand-painted, including the details on all the trim.
Photo by Aileen Luib.
Photo by Constants Ching-Chong
Zephie (Magna Carta 2)
Photo by Robert Minh Lee
Knit fabrics, chiffon, leather, and fake leather. All details on fabric were hand-painted.
The wand was made from PVC piping, feathers and clay.
Alice Lidell Late But Lucky DLC Dress (Alice: Madness Returns) 
Photo by John Conley
Faux fur, linen broadcloth, velvet trim, velveteen, silk dupioni, waxed cotton, satin, charmeuse, hat created from fosshape.
Alice Lidell Tales of the Orient Chapter Dress (Alice: Madness Returns)
Hand-painted silk charmeuse, hand-pleated cotton/linen trim, organza, organdy, silk dupioni and knit fabrics
Mask was also made by modifying an existing mask and sculpting details
Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon, goddess gown variant)
Photos by John Conley
polyester charmeuse, polyester chiffon and hand-sculpted gold ornaments with gems
Sue Storm (Fantastic Four, Kotobukiya Bishoujo figure variant)
Photo by Aileen Luib
4-way stretch shiny PVC
Chai Xianghua (Soul Calibur IV)
Photo by James Kuan
Embroidered cotton sateen, jersey, poly satin
Sword: Clay, fiberglass, plastic