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    The project of car sticker for MINI Cooper.
A sticker design for the happy people, fun-loving and benefiting the joy of life.
Graphics on Mini Cooper is a fun illustration of the people. Colorful faces are graphical report, repeating pattern. Each of the major express different emotions - including happiness, surprise, fear, excitement. Driving the Mini Cooper brings this emotions to passengers. Anyone who will travel in this car, will be delighted - as the faces in the graphics. Mini Cooper does not like boredom and vulgarity. Surely this is the car for customers who like to stand out from the crowd. Sticker design harmonizes with the car and together form a dream machine. Illustration by its color attracts the eye of the recipient, will delight women and men. The mirrors are also covered with faces. This creates a fun effect, which in turn will raise enthusiasm among potential customers.
So, let's summarize. It is a project for:
*people enjoying the life
*artistic souls
*people who like to stand out from the crowd
*anyone who wants to impress his girlfriend
*each of who wants to impress her boyfriend
*for mother, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, dad
*for a friend
*for you!
Ready for the ride?