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    "Kathak" Indian classical dancing http://www.ssco.org.uk
"Kathak" Indian classical dancing
Partly inspired by the Japanese Oni, this is an abstract piece of Mahakaal/Rudra - the Indian martial God of death and of Primal instinct
In Indian mythology, it is said that during the time of injustice, an eight armed Goddess riding a tiger came and eradicated all the demons which plagued those who could not defend themselves, the Goddess Durga Bhavani is therefore seen at the nurturer of righteousness and compassion and is held in very warm regard among the martial Indian caste known as the Kyshatriya, the kyshatriya born from fire, see her as their divine mother, meaning, righteousness and compassion is the mother/core of a warriors being, if the warrior acts/fights without compassion and righteousness, and with callousness and malice, then whats the difference with him and the demons?
Originally a commissioned piece as a design to the back of a wedding suit, it consists of a few ancient Indian symbols each with its own deep mythological stories and anecdotes. This inspired me to make a set of these gajgah symbol artwork, I had the pleasure of working with Sahana Neeli from Suhani Mehndi. She can be found at: Blog one: http://gulfehleez.wordpress.com/ and http://saha-na.tumblr.com or Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/saha-na/
Purchase here: http://www.brownmanclothing.com/desiguy-daku.html# This daku outlaw playing card t - shirt was inspired by the archetypal look of the north Indian outlaws, black turbans, black anointment on the forehead, beards and curved swords and was fused in a well known contemporary format - playing cards. Thus serving as a visual metaphor "play the outlaw card in life."