Jose Bolaños, A No B.S. Approach to Leadership Coaching


Jose Bolaños is a personal-coach on the rise. He specializes in training leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve a deep and sustainable transformation for a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. 

In 2018, Jose reached out to Madre to relaunch his coaching practice. We shifted his path from an institutional approach and embraced a personal umbrella brand. This allowed him to break free from behaving as he ‘should’, and move towards magnifying his authentic ‘No BS’ personality. We set new foundations, strategy, naming, big idea, brand architecture, visual identity, and communication guidelines. 


I firmly believe we must have a noble commitment. Mine is to be a resource to leaders so that they can also be a resource for others. I share techniques on breathing, attention, and body-control, and promote its constant practice to overcome the challenges of a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. Through talks, workshops, podcasts, and one-on-one coaching, I share useful content to achieve profound and sustainable transformation, to find your own noble commitment to achieve a full life, just like I did myself.

My name is Jose Bolaños, Coach of Leaders.


We designed a vibrant identity capable of communicating personal development and growth while staying true to Jose’s personality and active lifestyle.

We refined his hand signature and conveyed that from this moment on, he would add the arrow pointing forward at the end. A minimal but powerful symbol, the arrow is also present as a geometrical and chiseled isotype and background, as part of this flexible branding system.

For Jose’s sub-brands, such as his one-day programs, conferences, and podcast series, we decided to implement a customizable and easy-to-manage system, showcasing the concept of growth by progressively adjusting the weight of each character.

The color palette provides high impact through contrast. The black and yellow are reminiscent of sports and activewear, and combined with dramatic black and white photography, become outstanding. We wanted to transmit Jose’s edge, his attitude, taking distance from the expected calm and soothing pastel colors associated with coaching and mindfulness. The secondary typographic system, chiseled cut icons and graphics, complement and make the brand system whole, by adding more dimensions to explore and experiment with the brand, while keeping it cohesive.


Since the relaunch, Jose has been on a roll with workshops and conferences around Central and South America, and the Caribbean. His 'Unbreakable Method' which ends with an ice-bath, has been a hit on social media and has now been performed by more than 500 transformed people, including our team.  
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Design Coordination: Dainin Solís.
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Communications: Daniel Aragón H.
 Photography: Andrea Saro / Silvio Balladares
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Jose Bolaños, A No B.S. Approach to Leadership Coaching
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